Workshop programme

Workshop sessions held by Mark and Amy are open to all singers.
No previous yoga experience is necessary.

If you are interested to join, please send a message through our contact page.

Choirs and groups:
Why not arrange a yoga and singing session for yourselves? Use the details above to contact us and discuss availability and details.

Embodying your voice
A fusion of yoga and singing

With Amy Ku Redler and Mark Oldfield

To sing with ease, freedom and control, it is necessary to embrace the idea that the body is your instrument.

Amy and Mark have mounted highly popular workshops in central London to help develop a greater awareness of the connection between body and sound, and provide singers with tools to enhance their understanding and confidence.

The voice, body and breath should work in harmony for optimum results. Through a series of yoga asana and voice exercises participants will explore how physical alignment and flexibility can aid voice quality, ease of delivery and stamina.

The workshops are inclusive for everyone and it is not necessary to be an experienced yogi or an expert sight reader of music. We aim for your experience to be instructive, fun and sustainable.

Loose comfortable clothing is recommended.

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